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GHRP-6 (5mg)


Numerous studies conducted using Melanotan 2 have yielded exciting and promising results. Clinical trials have clearly demonstrated that Melanotan 2 promotes considerable tanning effects in study subjects. A study conducted at the University of Arizona involving the subcutaneous administration of Melanotan 2 at merely five small dosages resulted in the subjects exhibiting clearly visible tanning effects. Subjects also saw an increase in penile erectile activity. Melanotan 2 studies conducted on laboratory mice have also demonstrated Melanotan 2's profound effect on lipid metabolism and caloric intake. Specifically, six days of Melanotan 2 administration in laboratory mice resulted in a significant reduction in body weight and fatty tissue along with a decrease in the amount of calories ingested by the mice. Moreover, it was also demonstrated that Melanotan 2 administration promoted an increase in the utilization of oxygen in the obese subjects. Studies have also suggested that Melanotan 2 administration may enhance catabolism of fat in muscle tissue and promote an improvement in cholesterol metabolism
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Melanotan II, with out water
Melanotan II, with out water
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